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Catering Service

We provide catering services for all events - seasonal, sporting, social events. Our main catering service includes selection of bagels, toppings, and sandwiches prepared for each type of event.

Following are our guidelines to your catering service:

  1. Know Your Guest Count – the #1 factor of your catering costs is based on how many you are feeding. 

  2. Decide On Your Delivery Method – we offer two different ways to have your food delivered including:

    • Pick Up: you pick up the food at the caterer’s location. Not quite common, but an option to save on your delivery fee or save time on a rush order.

    • Drop Off: One of the most common, particularly for corporate and social events, where the caterer simply delivers the food in disposable containers (foil pans, coffee boxes, etc).

  3. Customize your catering menu – Think of ways to add or substitute any items so you can prepare your event in the best way possible.  

  4. Know Your Budget Before You Order – An easy way to create your budget is just to determine the total amount you want to spend and divide it by the estimated number of people. Having this number to start with will help the caterer better estimate what you need.

Get in Touch
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Call us to place your catering order


After scheduling your catering order, we will send you an email with order details and the invoice. After complete transaction, we will be able to get ready for your order with the freshest ingredients and quality packaging.

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